It's Time To End The Illegal Israeli Blockade Of Gaza.



Member Of An International Coalition Of 14 Countries And Organizations Dedicated To Breaking the Illegal Israeli Blockade of Gaza.

45% of the 2 million people who live in Gaza are children under the age of 15.  Approximately 70% of Gazans are refugees from other parts of Palestine when they were forced from their homes in the West Bank 70 years ago by Israeli militias.  Yet the world stands by as the illegal inhumane Israeli blockade limits electricity to just a few hours per day, made 90% of water to be undrinkable and the access to sufficient food and medical supplies to be denied.

US Boats to Gaza is dedicated to continuing sending boats to bring international attention to the illegal Israeli blockade on Gaza until the world stands for human rights for Palestinians.


We highlight the collective punishment of Gaza

Our flotillas to Gaza show the world the inhumanity of Israel’s policies.  Just as Palestinians face the taking of private property and the violation of international law on a continuous basis, the Freedom Flotillas show the world the extent Israel is willing to go to oppose human rights.

US Boats to Gaza is one of the partners of The International Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC). US Boats to Gaza is a grassroots people-to-people solidarity movement working with others from all over the world to end the siege of Gaza.

In 2020, the Freedom Flotilla Coalition will sail once more against the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, for freedom of movement and the right to a decent future for all Palestinians.

Israel has maintained an inhumane and destructive blockade of Gaza for over a decade. The United Nations now estimates that Gaza will become uninhabitable by the year 2020 because of the Israeli blockade.

Children and minors, who make up more than half of the 2 million Gaza population, are victims of the ongoing blockade, which has robbed them of their childhood; their rights to safety, education, and health; and their prospects for a decent future.

US Boats to Gaza participates in non-violent direct actions to raise awareness of the crimes against humanity committed by Israel as well as the complicity by our United States government while we try to improve the situation in Gaza.

We will continue to highlight our government’s destructive foreign policy against American and humanitarian values. We will sail again – in 2020 – to stand with the Palestinians of Gaza, as they demand their freedom of movement and their right to a decent future in their land.


— Our Mission

To end the blockade of Gaza.  For Palestinians to be free.

— Our Vision

Our vision is for a Just Future for Palestine.

— Our Story

We cannot truly call ourselves Americans if we don’t stand for freedom, equality and self-determination.  We have no choice but to help the people of Gaza have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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