It's Time To End The Illegal Israeli Blockade Of Gaza.


Dr. Ilan Pappé – University of Exeter

“As in the past,Dr. Ilan Pappé flotillas like this are a lifeline for the people of the besieged Gaza Strip, first and foremost. They are also a reminder that the world has not forgotten them and still cares. It is also a demonstration of humanity in the fact of the Israeli inhumanity in the way it treats the people in the Gaza Strip. I salute the brave people who take part in this and I believe strongly that they will be remember as contributing significantly for the liberation of Palestine and freedom for all its people.”

Associate Professor Haidar Eid sharing a call-to-action for people of conscience for the people of Gaza.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd speaking in 2018 about the Freedom Flotilla’s mission.

Noam Chomsky commending flotilla participants for being “sparks of humanity” and wishing “best success in this remarkable enterprise.”

We appreciate the endorsement of the previous prime minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, and his concern over how the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is portrayed in the media. (Historical interview)


Peace activists are uniting from around the world
Their anchors are hoisted, their sails unfurled.
From Sweden to Gaza their course will be
To break the blockade and let the oppressed be free.

For two months they will travel across open seas,
Facing storms on the ocean and danger unforeseen.
May camaraderie sustain them, as their journey unfolds,
Missing loved ones at home, their lives put on hold.

If only the world could see through their eyes
The pain and the suffering and all of the lies.
Gaza’s wells have been destroyed, they live without light
Unarmed children are murdered for protesting their plight.

These courageous souls fill my heart with great pride,
I am with them in spirit; proud to stand by their side.
Safe travels dear friends – may your mission succeed
Giving hope for a future – to those in great need.

If those in power were not filled with such greed,
A better world we would have – with no one in need.
If they possessed your kindness; your compassion for mankind
Humanity would be restored; peace on earth we would find.

May these kindred spirits sail peacefully through the night
With calm seas, a steady breeze – and the moon giving light.
I wish them fond memories of scenic ports and new friends,
Welcomed home by open arms when this amazing journey ends.

~Deb Abercrombie

Freedom Flotilla that the Maia Mural Brigade painted at the kindergarten in Beit Hanoun in Gaza.  Thank you!


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