2020 Freedom Flotilla

Israeli Military Continues Its Killing Spree in Gaza as Freedom Flotilla Gears Up for 2020 Actions

As the Great Return March moves into its 84th week, Israeli snipers continue to fire on participants and people located nearby, killing and maiming civilians. According to the Palestinian news site We Are Not Numbers, “It’s not just their bodies they kill or maim, it’s their dreams. [The video below tells] the story of Alaa al-Dali. Thank you to the Freedom Flotilla Coalition for its support and funding.”

We Are Not Numbers is one of the many projects that benefit from your support of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. And we need your support again as we gear up for another flotilla to Gaza next year. Please see the links below for how you can help.
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October 25, 2019 
During the 80th Great Return March in Gaza on October 25, Israeli snipers shot 95 Palestinian civilians, including 43 children, a woman, two paramedics and a journalist.
Israeli forces continued to use excessive force against peaceful protesters, wounding 36 civilians with live bullets and shrapnel in addition to other injuries in the upper body due to direct targeting with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters. Thousands of civilians took part in this week’s peaceful protests entitled: “For our Prisoners in Israeli Jails and al-Aqsa Mosque,” raising the Palestinian flag and chanting national slogans.
For more than a decade, Israel and Egypt have blockaded the Gaza Strip, by land, air and sea. For most of that decade, the US Boat to Gaza Campaign has been sailing with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, in solidarity with Palestine to break the illegal blockade of Gaza. During Gaza’s Great March of Return, Israeli forces have killed at least 267 people and wounded nearly 15,000 more. Gaza will very soon be uninhabitable. Innocent women, children and men will soon have even less access to clean drinking water, food and other essentials of life. Our governments remain complicit in this crime.
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We Need Your Support
The situation in Gaza is unimaginable to most North Americans. Lack of clean drinking water affects almost two million people. The effects of trauma on this population, including those who have been protesting during the Great March of Return, are immeasurable.
The Gaza Freedom Flotilla will sail again in the summer of 2020 to break the illegal Israeli naval blockade of Gaza and bring international attention to the bravery of the Palestinians who participate in the Great Return March.

This year, as we plan for our 2020 Flotilla, we are focusing on children and youth in Gaza. We will be reaching out to individuals and organizations who can help us raise awareness about this human-made humanitarian crisis and our responsibility for it. And, as always, we will be holding our government accountable for their complicity in Israeli war crimes against Palestinians.

Our work is not finished and we all need to continue until Palestine is free. 
Together, we can help end the blockade!
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Contact Kit Kittredge at marnykit@gmail.com: $20 + $5 postage.

Men’s M-L-XL crew neck, regular  Heather grey
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2020 will be the  tenth anniversary of the brutal Israeli attack on the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla where Israeli commandos executed ten passengers and wounded fifty on the Mavi Marmara and attacked passengers on the five other boats in the Flotilla which were sailing together to break the illegal blockade of Gaza.
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